Mutual Funds: Unveiling the 2024 Hybrid Fund Stars with 30% Returns!

Mutual funds hybrid invest in equity and debt both and give growth in investments along with some stability. Schemes gave a return between 14 to 17 percent in fiscal in year 2023 and 2024 for top performing. And in hybrid mutual funds gives a return in the range of 34 to 48 percent in fiscal in year 2023 and 2024. As the financial year is comes near, the investor can be seen examining the returns delivered by the mutual fund’s unit assets in last one year.

The investor who invests in key benchmark index must be launching their way to bank as Nifty50 and gave a good return of 30 percent in 2024 by fiscal, however the number of returns earned by mutual fund investor is contingent on the scheme and they open that category. Additionally, the Nifty50 cross 30%, 5 stocks including Bajaj Auto, Tata Motors delivered returns over 100%.

The returns earned in hybrid mutuals funds by investors in last one year. The mutual fund schemes which can invest in both equity and debt can give a high investment with some stability. It has a huge percentage for allocating to equity varies from category to category of hybrid mutuals funds.

In this variant of hybrid mutuals funds issuing to equity & equity related to instruments between 10 to 25 percent while remaining assets are invested in debt instruments around 75 to 90 percent. This primarily meant for low-risk investors who are looking for boost returns with small exposure to equity. Conservative Funds 1 year return (%) Kotak Debt Hybrid Fund 17.28 HDFC Hybrid Debt Fund 17.10 Parag Parikh Hybrid Fund 16.99 SBI Hybrid Fund 14.81 As we can see the above, the top performing conservative hybrid funds have given a return in the range of 14 to 17 percent in the past year i.e. 2023 and 2024.

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The variant of Aggressive hybrid mutuals funds invertors invest a high allocation in equity which is in a range between 65 to 80 percent and while the remaining assets range between 25 to 35 percent are invested in debt instruments. These are recommended for investor who looking for growth in their investments with some stability Aggressive Funds 1 year return (%) JM Aggressive Hybrid Fund 48.99 BOI Mid & Small Cap Equity & Debt Fund 46.02 ICICI Prudential Equity & Debit Fund 41.11 Quant Absolute Fund 36.61 Edelweiss Aggressive Hybrid Fund 34.43 As mention in above, the performing aggressive hybrid mutuals funds has given a return in range of 34 to 48 percent.

The highest return of 48.99 percent is delivered by JM Aggressive Hybrid Fund and lowest return of 34 percent by edelweiss Aggressive Hybrid Fund. Dynamic asset allocation funds are highly flexible in nature and their investment in equity and debts is managed dynamically, which means the allocation to equity
as well as debt instruments range between 0 to 100 percent based on market situation. This is also known as balance advantage Funds. Money market funds, bond or fixed income funds, stock or equity funds, and hybrid funds constitute typical categories for mutual funds according to their main investments.

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Dynamic assets allocation Funds 1-year returns (%) HDFC Balanced Advantage Fund 39.64 Motilal Oswald Balance Advantage Fund 32.64 NJ Balance Advantage Fund 30.32 Mahindra Manulife Balance Advantage Fund 30.22 Shriram Balance Advantage Fund 28.81 As mention in above, the top performing dynamic asset allocation funds has given a return in the range of 28 to 39 percent in this fiscal.

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The highest return was delivered by HDFC Balance Advantage Fund. This can be considered as a magic sauce for long term wealth is generating a strong financial instrument by Mutual Funds.

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